Actor Kang Sung Wook sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape

Actor Kang Sung Wook was recently sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of rape charges.

On July 30, MBN’s “News 8” reported that musical actor Kang Sung Wook had received a five-year prison sentence for rape. According to MBN’s report, the incident took place in August 2017 in Busan. At a restaurant establishment, Kang Sung Wook shared a table with a male university friend and two women who were working as bar waitresses. Kang Sung Wook brought the women to his male friend’s home with the promise of an additional service charge, and when one of the women left early, he and his friend forcibly prevented the other woman from leaving and assaulted her. The victim tried to file a criminal complaint against him for sexual assault, but he claimed that she was a “gold-digger” and told her, “Who would believe a woman like you?” At Kang Sung Wook’s trial, the Seoul Central District Court stated, “The victim’s testimony is consistent and she has never tried to get money out of the defendant” before sentencing Kang Sung Wook to five years imprisonment. Kang Sung Wook’s legal representatives have filed an appeal.

This sort of came out of nowhere about a week ago, especially with everything else that’s been flying around.

Appeals are still to come, but it’s nice to see somebody not get essentially probation for something like this, especially since the charge was rape. Moreover, I’m sure there are a small minority of cases where the woman is trying to get money or get revenge or whatever, but the fact that admitted/convicted rapists use these tactics (that essentially rely on the public’s misogyny) definitely makes it difficult to believe them. Think that’s worth remembering as these cases seemingly get brought up weekly now.


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