Singer Som Hein (ex-Idol School) comes out as bisexual, reveals she has a girlfriend

Former ‘Idol School‘ contestant Som Hyein has come out on her Instagram as bisexual and revealed her girlfriend on her page.

That surprised some people a bit, and during a Q&A on Instagram Stories she confirmed that she is bisexual and has a girlfriend. In fact, she’s still answering questions about it as I write this.

Som Hein dropped out of ‘Idol School’ due to ongoing health issues. She was also accused of being a bully in middle school, which she initially denied but after a back-and-forth with the victim it did appear that she admitted to participating but said it was due to peer pressure. She apologized and seemed remorseful by going against her agency to do it, so hopefully that really is just a part of her past now.

She debuted back in May as a soloist with “Mini Radio“.


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