INFINITE’s L announces he will leave Woollim, company confirms

L of INFINITE has recently announced that he will be leaving Woollim Entertainment and the group after 10 years with both since his debut.

Basically, his contract with the company expired, and that he will be moving on. He also states that he could continue as an INFINITE member when he can.

Woollim then released a statement of their own, confirming the news and saying to cheer him on. They also say that INFINITE disbanding is not a consideration and they will decide on the future when members get back from the military.

As with any situation where members leave the company but not the group, it’s best not to be all that hopeful. Even in the best situations, where the group gets along and there’s no company messiness, obviously their solo work is going to be a priority (since it’s why they left) so scheduling and all that is hard. The group was already down Hoya, so it could be five except for special circumstances going forward.

Regardless, they gave us “The Chaser“.


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