‘PDX101’ fans have found evidence ‘Idol School’ was manipulated as well, Mnet responds … kinda

The same group of netizens that sued over alleged vote rigging in ‘Produce X 101’ says that they also found evidence that ‘Idol School‘ results were manipulated.

On August 21, the community stated that while collecting evidence on “Produce X 101,” evidence was also discovered regarding suspicions of the survival program “Idol School” being manipulated.

Mnet has responded by saying … not much.

In response to the reports, Mnet commented, “It is difficult to check [on the matter].”


Of course, even at the time there was a controversy about Lee Hae In‘s vote total, so this isn’t exactly far-fetched.

I think we’re all on the same page here in the sense that nobody is surprised that the results for these types of reality/survival shows are pre-determined or influenced or whatever. Reasonable people seem to accept this, yet it amazes me that Mnet may actually be in some shit over this because they did it so obviously and may have left an actual paper trail that proves it. Good lord they deserve this just for being so lazy.


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