[Review] A Pink’s Hayoung has solo debut with “Don’t Make Me Laugh”, which is light and pleasant enough

A Pink have quietly become one of the longest running girl groups still active in today’s idol industry. They rarely make waves (at least internationally), but have sustained their popularity over eight years — an eternity in K-pop. When it comes to solo material from the group, main vocal Eunji is probably the first member to come to mind. When it comes to larger-than-life personalities, you’re likely to think of Bomi. But, you don’t see the name Hayoung mentioned nearly as often. She’s acted here and there, and appeared on multiple variety series, but hasn’t solidified her name as a soloist. Debut single “Don’t Make Me Laugh” aims to change that.

The song is as light and pleasant as can be, and that may be a problem. Without a concept that would make Hayoung stand out, “Don’t Make Me Laugh” is the equivalent of musical wallpaper. It’s a nice, head-nodding background track, but doesn’t compel much interest on its own.

Taking an early-00s template already well-loved by SNSD‘s Taeyeon, “Don’t Make Me Laugh” has a throwback appeal. It’s an uncluttered pop song, driven by buoyant acoustic guitar and a catchy “ha ha ha” hook. The melody feels refreshing, if familiar, and suits Hayoung’s light vocals. The prominent use of piano reminds me of old Vanessa Carlton songs, while the lilting melody might have been given to early Britney Spears during her more reserved moments. While none of this is going to set the modern K-pop industry alight, I appreciate the rush of comforting nostalgia that the song offers. I’m still not sure that I know who Hayoung is as an artist, but “Don’t Make Me Laugh” is like a warm blanket on a chilly morning.


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