YGE trainees reportedly looking to move agencies due to company’s recent turmoil

YG Entertainment has had a rough go of things lately, with the constant scandals surrounding the company and YG and his brother themselves departing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s now being reported that trainees are currently discussing transferring agencies.

On August 26, the outlet EDaily reported that according to sources in the industry, YG trainees aiming to be singers are currently in discussion with other agencies about potentially transferring from YG. It’s reported that some of them are trainees who appeared on YG’s survival show “Treasure Box,” which chose the 13 members of TREASURE 13 that were originally slated to debut in early July 2019, as well as Mnet’s “Produce X 101.” A source stated, “There are currently people who have left YG and signed contracts with new agencies, as well as trainees who are in the final stages of agreements about their contracts.” EDaily reports that while each agency has a different system for contracts, most trainees are signed on for the relatively short period of a year. It’s common for trainees to move to another agency after their contract period runs out. However, as the agency in this case is YG Entertainment, there are many who state that this case is indicative of YG’s current situation. It’s reported that many in the music industry regard the postponement of TREASURE 13’s debut as related to the agency’s current situation as it deals with multiple controversies. Representatives said, “The postponement of TREASURE 13’s debut has led to a sense of loss for the trainees who have to wait for opportunities after that, and this is leading to transfers to other agencies.”

Worth noting that I’ve seen it interpreted as TREASURE 13 members are involved in this elsewhere, but based on the language used, it doesn’t specify that (though I wouldn’t be surprised).

This is rather unsurprising, as trainees leave frequently anyway and staying at YGE would mean both delays even worse than usual and a reputation among the public that many likely don’t want attached to them if they can find better options.


YGE released a statement about the report, not bothering to refute anything, just basically saying they don’t give a shit and it impacts nothing.

Regarding the report, YG Entertainment stated to MyDaily, ‘All staff members are working in the same way as usual. Plans are going as scheduled without any setbacks.”


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