Big Hit & Source to debut girl group in 2021, will hold “global” auditions

Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music will indeed participate in debuting a girl group in 2021.

In cooperation with Source Music, we will be holding our ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’ to look for trainees to join our new girl group, that has the goal of debuting in 2021.

For that group, they have announced global auditions.

Odd, but okay.

I know it says global, but I would be shocked if they meant anything but primarily overseas Koreans and perhaps a handful of other ethnic groups.

The girl group formed through the ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’ will be led by Big Hit’s CEO Bang Si Hyuk and CBO Min Hee Jin. Bang Si Hyuk will be in charge of music production and general production, while Min Hee Jin will be in charge of creative branding, which includes things such as concepts, videos, and image.

As a fan of GLAM and GFRIEND, it should be interesting to see where this new group falls.

Of course, they probably could’ve had a fan design something better than whatever this graphic design is my passion thing.


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