[Update] Victoria leaves SME, Luna also leaving, update on Krystal + SME lazily puts text over MV clip for f(x)’s 10th anniversary

When Amber announced her contract expiration, it was previously reported that another member of f(x) was going to leave SM Entertainment as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that member is Victoria.

Now she’s free to cheer for Hong Kong police brutality in peace without SME taking a cut of her money.

Speaking of the devil, SME allegedly prevented f(x) fans from putting up ads celebrating their anniversary, and then SME put forth a lot of effort for f(x)’s 10th anniversary, apparently using some generic video editing program to put white text over their “All Mine” music video.

It’s even better when you consider that the recently departed from the company Amber directed and edited this.


Jeff Benjamin mentioned before that another f(x) member was leaving SME, and I assumed Victoria was who he was talking about.

As it turns out,it’s Luna.

On September 5, a source from SM Entertainment stated to OSEN, “We are discussing new ways to collaborate with Victoria. There is still time remaining in our contract with Krystal, and our contracts with Amber and Luna have expired.”

And it seems like Krystal is next out the door at this rate.


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