‘SKY Castle’ getting an American remake, which seems like an odd choice

In rather distasteful news, it was revealed recently that the hit Korean drama ‘SKY Castle’, supposedly for NBC.

On September 5 at the Asia Drama Conference, the mega-hit drama’s writer Yoo Hyun Mi reportedly shared that Warner Bros. is moving forward with a U.S. remake of the show. She said, “Excessive private education isn’t just an issue in Korea. While I was writing ‘SKY Castle,’ I thought that the story could be relatable in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, and India, as well as America and Europe.”

I don’t mind remakes that much, but frequently they’re sloppily executed and don’t make sense in the end. This remake could be quality by taking things into a different direction, but I just don’t see how the tension and what not of ‘SKY Castle’ tracks effectively. The difference between a single test effectively determining the rest of your life against Aunt Becky buying your way into college or getting legacy admissions doesn’t seem to work as well. Though I suppose the general idea of the pressure upper-class parents put on their kids could be a thing, though at that point did they really need a remake?


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