‘V-1’ girl group vocalist survival show debuts with the first 3 matchups

The girl group vocal show ‘V-1’ finally debuted today and it showed some promise at least of getting exposure for more nugu groups and vocalists.

The show started by ranking the girls by the online votes.

WJSN’s Yeonjung came in first, Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon took second, while Weki Meki’s Yoojung and Suyeon took third and fourth, and Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon fell into fifth.

The contestants then got to pick who to face in a battle and basically everybody avoided Yeonjung. Oh yeah, the winner gets over $8000, which is a big deal to all these broke-ass groups (except for Yeonjung).

The show started with the first three battles, two of which were low profile ones and one was an inter-group fight.


APRIL’s Jinsoul – BTS’s “Boy With Luv”

Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung – Park Wan Kyu’s “Love Over A Thousand Years”

Jeong Da Kyung won with 62 votes to Jinsoul’s 39.

Not sure why people keep picking “Boy With Luv” (*cough*Yoohyeon*cough*) for vocal stuff. The song is fine and it’s popular but surely there are better options to showcase vocals, especially when the arrangement kept things rather basic. Not a big fan of ballads that focus a lot on volume and high notes either, but honestly this was the only rational result.

Weki Meki’s Suyeon – Kim Gun Mo’s “First Impression”

Weki Meki’s Yoojung – Heize’s “And July”

Sujung beat Yoojung 53 to 48.

No offense to Weki Meki, but I’m not sure how necessary it was for two of their members to be on this show considering the other options, but since they’re here I guess they might as well face each other.

I actually liked Yoojung’s performance better, as like her skill set, it was much more well-rounded and entertaining. That’s most important as an idol and why she’s always charming to me, but if we really have to isolate vocals then I understand why her group mate won.

Cherry Bullet’s Bora – Im Se Jun’s “Don’t Go Today”

SONAMOO’s High.D – Lim Chang Jung’s “One Glass Soju”

High.D beat Bora by a score of 55-44.

Unexpectedly this was the best matchup of the episode, with the two of them both showing out well. Bora got a bit of a tough luck result on this because she was better than the other four, but High.D was definitely up to the challenge.

I would’ve taken Bora because I prefer her slightly lighter sound that still carries an authority to it, and I’m kinda surprised she didn’t end up taking it.


Promising debut in terms of interesting me, mainly because it was nugus and competition is fun even if the stakes aren’t especially high. Something I can definitely casually watch even if they could do the show in like a half hour.

Next week things are really going to pop off, apparently.

A Yeonjung and Siyeon rivalry seems to be pushed, which is great.


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