Hara returns with fun, upbeat, KARA-esque “Midnight Queen”

After everything Hara has been through in recent years, it’s nice to see her make a comeback as a soloist. Her previous Japanese single, “WILD,” was quite promising for her going forward, but obviously she’s been sidetracked since then so it was interesting to see what she’d offer on “Midnight Queen“.

Yeah, this is kind of a perfect return for her with the right image as well. The song plays to her strengths and she’s in a market that isn’t going to harangue her for technical vocal ability or whatever.

The song’s addictiveness lies in its chorus, which invokes 80s pop filtered through the lens of her former group KARA, which is never going to be a bad thing unless we’re talking about contract negotiations. I’d need a whole thing to actually do an honest review, but from what we can hear of it, it’s upbeat, fun, and catchy. It’s also nice to see Hara own a poised and confident image given everything that’s surrounded her, and hopefully it maintains going forward.


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