BLACKPINK criticized for being late & not apologizing, but Jang Do Yeon’s past speech coming back to light is most important

So I’m catching up on stuff now that I’m done watching the Dodgers choke away another chance at winning the World Series, and apparently I missed BLACKPINK getting absolutely dragged by the press for being late to an event and YG Entertainment essentially refusing to apologize for it.

The event began with David Beckham’s solo photo wall time and interview, which proceeded on time. The next event was supposed to be when BLACKPINK met David Beckham for the first time, but BLACKPINK reportedly arrived over 20 minutes late to the event. Reports claimed that much of the press who were waiting to see David Beckham and BLACKPINK left as the group didn’t arrive on time.

Making matters worse is that their fandom defended them enthusiastically, as expected, giving all kinds of supposed proof and evidence to exonerate them. But further accounts from people who were actually there,
like a reporter and the actual event rep, confirmed the delay was for BLACKPINK.

“It’s true that BLACKPINK was about 20 minutes late. They were the reason why the event was delayed.” – Reporter at the scene

“This promotional event was to celebrate David Beckham arriving in Korea for the brand, but it’s unfortunate that BLACKPINK’s tardiness became a bigger topic.” – Event Representative

The girls, but mainly YGE, are getting ripped now for basically not even caring about this issue.

“Blackpink, are they the 21st century’s pretentious aristocrates?”
“YG again? Manners maketh man”
“‘Universal star’ BlackPink in a controversy again, let’s not forget YG”
“BlackPink Jennie, leisurely releases picture ‘No apology for tardiness'”
“BlackPink tardiness controversy, let’s not apologize, but let’s post on IG”
“BlackPink Jennie, no apology over tardiness –> constantly updates IG ‘Controversial'”
“‘Unapologetic’ BlackPink, you have to love our power trip too”
“‘NO to apology, YES to SNS’ BlackPink Jennie, showing off whereabouts”

The reports also basically rebutted all of the fan’s excuses.

This is one of those things that’s not a big deal in the big picture of things at all, but it’s just stubborn as hell and makes you look like an asshole. Like more than any moral wrongdoing or whatever, this is just stupid for your company and group’s branding.

Anyway, the most important thing to come out of this is Jang Do Yeon’s speech where she had to kill time upon receiving an award for fashion. She asks if BLACKPINK have arrived yet, and since they hadn’t she ended up doing like a three-minute variety routine, including impressions and self-depreciation (“judges are probably regretting giving me this award now“) to stall for time. Legend.


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