Dreamcatcher’s ‘Invitation From Nightmare City’ tour coming to LA, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Jersey

Dreamcatcher will be heading to America as a part of their ‘Invitation From Nightmare City‘ tour starting in December.

On October 12, DreamCatcher Company announced through an official statement that the group would be embarking on a stateside tour later this year. After successfully touring Asia, Oceania, and Europe over the course of 2019, DreamCatcher will be taking their “Invitation from Nightmare City” tour to five cities across the United States from December 6 to 15. DreamCatcher Company commented, “After holding a fan meeting tour [in the United States], we are now holding a solo concert tour thanks to the immense support of [DreamCatcher’s] American fans. We offer our deepest thanks to all the InSomnia who have always given DreamCatcher their unsparing support.” The agency added, “We are doing our utmost to prepare [for the concerts], so that we can return after creating meaningful memories together with the fans.”

Notably, they credit the Los Angeles fanmeeting put on by 7 Dreamers as a reason they will be hitting Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, and Jersey City.

Orlando in particular seems like a stop that not many make.


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