Minzy (ex-2NE1) reportedly files lawsuit against Music Works, seeks contract termination & ~$40k in damages

Former 2NE1 member Minzy reportedly filed a lawsuit against her company Music Works, seeking termination of her contract and over $40,000 in damages.

On October 28, the Kukmin Ilbo reported that Minzy had applied for an injunction to suspend her contract with Music Works on September 25. She has also reportedly put in a claim for 50 million won (about $43,000) against the agency. According to the Kukmin Ilbo, the court interviewed Minzy’s representatives and Music works’ representatives and completed all interrogations on October 18. The results have not been revealed. Later that same day, another media outlet asked Music Works for a response. A source from the agency stated, “We are currently checking the contents of the report claiming that Gong Minzy requested an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract last month.”

While nothing is confirmed yet, the company’s non-answer seems to fit the report, and her now-former manager recently confirmed to a fan that he isn’t working with her.


Minzy signed with the company after leaving YG Entertainment back in 2016, releasing one album in 2017 and one single in 2018, an output that might be related to this lawsuit.


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