Jung Da Eun claims Monsta X’s Wonho owes her ~$26k & Starship denies, Han Seo Hee alludes to him having a criminal past

Jung Da Eun re-entered the public spotlight recently due to the confusing nature of her relationship with Han Seo Hee. Monsta X‘s Wonho has also been in headlines recently for his #MeToo-related controversy.

Now their past with each other after ‘Ulzzang Generation‘ has come back up, with Jung Da Eun going public on Instagram with accusations that Wonho owed her money, with Han Seo Hee chiming in that the amount was around $26,000.

Jung Da Eun and Wonho co-starred on Comedy TV’s variety show “Ulzzang Shidae” (literal title) prior to Wonho’s debut with MONSTA X. On October 29, Jung Da Eun posted on Instagram a photo of Wonho on TV and captioned it, “Ho Seok (Wonho’s real name), when are you going to pay me back?” Han Seo Hee commented on the post, “Give Da Eun her 30 million won (approximately $35,700).”

Starship Entertainment responded to the accusations, saying they were not true.

Starship Entertainment relayed to News1, “[The rumor] is not true, and we are looking into the possibility of taking legal action.”

Of course, that wasn’t the end of it. Jung Da Eun then shared chat logs with Wonho’s lawyer.

Laywer: “I’m MONSTA X Wonho’s lawyer. We’re currently checking whether a post you recently made is true. Please give me a detailed explanation of what you meant by ‘Hoseok, when are you going to pay me back?'”
Jung Da Eun: “Tell Shin Hoseok to contact me himself.”
Laywer: “Can we meet in person? I’ll relay your message as well.”
Jung Da Eun: “Come to Songdo. Meet me in front of XXXX XXXX in Songdo.”
Laywer: “Can you come to our office instead? It’s in Gwanghwamun.”
Jung Da Eun: “I don’t think I have a reason to go all the way there. Since I’m the victim, it’s not right for me to go all the way there.”
Laywer: “In what way were you victimized? Wonho doesn’t think he owes you any money, so we’re very curious. If you tell me how you were harmed, I’ll relay the message in detail, and we’ll make sure you won’t become a victim.”
Jung Da Eun: “He thinks paying me back 2 million won (~$1700 USD) settles it? I’m speechless. We lived in Yeoksam-dong together before, and we were supposed to split the rent 50/50, but Shin Hoseok didn’t pay his part, so my 10 million won (~$8500 USD) got taken. He also stole all my stuff and sold them online, and he borrowed 3 million won (~$2500 USD) and 5 million won (~$4200 USD) at a time and promised to pay me back. And until 2016, he used the excuse of his balance not being settled at his agency, and when I asked him to pay me back in late 2016, he said his daily spending limit was 1 million won (~$855 USD) so he just sent me that amount for two days.”
Laywer: “I will confirm this with my client. Please give me a more detailed list of the items and amount.”
Jung Da Eun: “Talk to my lawyer at XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

Han Seo Hee then followed that up with tweets on Jung Da Eun’s account, accusing Wonho of having been charged with aggravated theft and saying that he served time in juvie.

“I know exactly what you did in 2008 — that aggravated theft charge at Suwon Detention Center.”

“I haven’t even gotten started yet. Isn’t [time at] juvenile detention center not a criminal history?”

Well … that escalated quickly.

There isn’t any rush to judgement needed here cause this is surely not the end of things one way or another, but it’ll be interesting to see Starship’s response to this because nothing laid out by Jung Da Eun seems especially far fetched and Han Seo Hee’s claims seem falsifiable.


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