[Review] GOT7 deliver their best in the form of the sophisticated “You Calling My Name”

I’ve always been kinda weird about GOT7. Their members are quite likable, so I get why they have such an enthusiastic fandom, but outside a handful of songs I’ve never connected with their music — my favorite probably being by sub-unit JJ Project. As such, you’d have to excuse me if “You Calling My Name” was a bit of a shock to the system, because it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Eschewing many of their previous concepts, GOT7 go for sleek and sensual on “You Calling My Name” and it fits them perfectly. The atmosphere is set by the simmering synths and finger snapping, with vocals piercing through the relative quiet before the pace begins to pick up with the sharp quasi-rapping.

At this point my curiosity was piqued, and it ended up smacking me in the face a bit with a funky drop followed by a staccato chorus — with the vocal also hitting each note — it was quite unexpected but also extremely welcome. That’s where it became clear the song had a ton of potential and it burrowed into my ear with its effortless sophistication.

That was just the appetizer, though. Rather than having a song that builds up to the chorus, resets, and then builds again, “You Calling My Name” essentially builds throughout the entire song. The second verse slingshots around off the first chorus, and the second chorus keeps the same delivery but adds a funky instrumental backing in earnest that’s topped with rhythm guitar strums. The end product is utterly addictive and undeniable foot-tapping fun. I’ve listened to a it a bunch by now and the replayability has been impressive due to the way it’s structured, and the song should age gracefully.

Note: Shout out to the music video director and choreographer, as while the song was plenty amazing by itself, paired with the visuals it only gets that much better.

Honestly my only concern for GOT7 is that it took a bit of a village to produce the song, with Louis Schoorl, Marco Borrero, Benjamin Ingrosso, and David Brook collaborating. So while I want to hear them take this sound and run with it going forward, I’m questioning whether we’ll be hearing this from this combo again anytime soon. Of course, that being the main problem with the release shows just how quickly I’ve become enamored with “You Calling My Name”, and it not only ranks as GOT7’s best but will likely find itself on 2019’s year-end list as well.


TheBiasList enjoyed it as well, calling it “very satisfying” and “refreshingly timeless”.


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