Takeuchi Miyu rumored to be a part of an upcoming Mystic Story girl group, which would be cool

Following her solo Korean debut, Takeuchi Miyu is rumored to make another debut in a Korean girl group from her company Mystic Story, according to a report from Wow Korea. If you don’t recognize that source, well … neither do I, but quite frankly I want it to happen so I’m gonna cover it into existence.

Japanese idol, Miyu Takeuchi, who missed admission into IZ*ONE on the Korean audition program PRODUCE 48, which is currently a hot topic of discussion, will release a new song in Korea and appear in the music festival NO END CITY POP to be held in Hongdae, Seoul on December 14. She “escaped the fate of being in IZ*ONE”, but rumors have emerged of Miyu joining a member of a girl group prepared by her agency Mystic Story. There has been a lot of attention on future developments.

I know her fans like her as a soloist and her City Pop vibe in that arena works out well for her. But unless she gets notoriety, I think she could struggle long-term, so a group would probably help if she’s up for it. Could always keep the same vibe for her solo releases and come back to that, I figure.


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