Songs You May Have Missed: November Edition

It’s winter, it’s dark outside, and I’m 10,000% ready to hibernate, but I’m a one-person promo team so here I am to brighten all your lives with a new playlist of songs you probably didn’t listen to this month.

Each track in this month’s playlist was carefully picked and considered in the combined hour’s worth of time I had to put this together, because while I have no free time I also have excellent curation skills.


KayLa – “Closer”

From doing YouTube covers to being signed earlier this year, this is a good year for KayLa. This song is really soft and pretty and while this kind of emotional ballad isn’t usually my thing, this one hit me in just the right way.

ONE – “Victoria”

The wait for more music from ONE has been a long one, and the release of his debut album (finally, oh my god) is one big angst-fest, so I’m incredibly down for it. I’m glad he left YG Entertainment and decided to go his own way. Oh, and check out his music video for “Hard To Love“.

El Rune Featuring Hash Swan – “imfuckeduplotofdrunk”

Does Hash Swan ever rest? Probably not, since he’s on this sparse, stripped back track with El Rune. Add this song to your moody playlist immediately.

Punchnello Featuring Baek Yerin – “Doodle”

I love Punchnello and I love Baek Yerin and their voices fit together really well. I’m 100% here for this.

Giriboy Featuring BIG Naughty – “Eul”

I think I’ve put a Giriboy track on every playlist I’ve done since I started these. The man never seems to stop. This is a classic Giriboy track, playful and catchy as he always manages to do.

OnlyOneOf – “Sage”

OnlyOneOf is a baby idol group on their first ever comeback. The verses of this song are stronger than the chorus, but that didn’t stop me from listening to it four times in a row the first time I heard it.

EXO – “Baby You Are”

I’m suitably and completely in love with “Obsession,” but another song I really love off EXO’s most recent offering is this one. Listen to this and then “Obsession” and then just listen to the whole album honestly.


And that’s it! As always, feel free to leave comments for other releases you think might have been missed, and feel free to tweet me (@hels_worth). Happy listening!

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