CL ends ‘In The Name Of Love’ unveil on a high note with “+THNX190519+” & “+ONE AND ONLY180228+”

CL has been dropping a couple tracks off her ‘In The Name Of Love‘ album a week, and she’s now at the last pair in “+THNX190519+” and “ONE AND ONLY180228+“.

While I’ve honestly never been the biggest fan of CL’s solo music in the past, she always had a star quality to her and it was impossible not to feel terrible to watch her waste what should’ve been her prime solo years just waiting for YG Entertainment to use her.

And well, this mini makes the wasted time even worse, as when she stops doing the “Dr. Pepper” bullshit, she’s actually shown how she’s evolved and her own music is honestly better than what she did under YGE. “+ONE AND ONLY180228+” in particular is a standout, and it does seem like a 2018 song in terms of soundscape trends, but I liked the production and it’s catchy as hell. Plus, the lyrics again can read like they’re directed to YG, which makes it amusing to me personally. Hell, despite being down-tempo, I even enjoyed
“+THNX190519+” with the choral backing and the raw vocals. There are some technical issues that you can hear in her singing, but that’s kinda what makes me like it more. I can feel it a lot better that way.

Not sure what I expected from this, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised and hopefully her career can get back on track after being so unceremoniously derailed.


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