Red Velvet’s Wendy suffers fractures to pelvis/wrist and facial injuries due to alleged negligence by SBS

I was planning on taking Christmas off at least, but as usual news broke and here I am. Unfortunately, the news is not intriguing or funny, but infuriating, as Red Velvet‘s Wendy suffered severe injuries following alleged negligence on the part of SBS.

During the rehearsal for 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon today, Wendy suffered an injury. Wendy was immediately taken to the hospital, where she is currently being treated. And we will notify you again when the exact cause of her injury is determined.

SM Entertainment then expanded on that by providing details.

Speaking to No Cut News, a source from SM Entertainment stated, “During rehearsals for her individual performance for 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, Wendy fell from the stage and sustained injuries.” They continued to explain, “Wendy was immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough examination, and she sustained injuries to her face and fractures in her pelvis and wrist on the right side of her body. She has undergone emergency treatment and is currently awaiting additional examinations.” They concluded by stating, “As her health comes first, we will focus on her treatment.”

No hard to see how she got so hurt.

While all the injuries are a concern, it’s the pelvic fracture that’s seriously worrisome, as that could be months and may never be the same again, depending on severity. Obviously this could impact her career as she has to dance as a member of Red Velvet.

SBS then released a stock apology in response, though more for the show than for any responsibility on their part.

SBS has also released an official statement and said, “On December 25, there was an unfortunate accident during rehearsals for 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon that led to Red Velvet’s Wendy sustaining injuries.” They continued to state, “As a result, Red Velvet is unable to appear in the live show of 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, and we sincerely apologize to fans and viewers. We hope that Red Velvet’s Wendy will have a fast recovery, and SBS will take greater care to ensure safety in the future.”

If the reports about SBS’s negligence are true, then they’re going to be needing to do a lot more than apologize, as it would rather clearly be negligence on their part. Wishing the best for Wendy, obviously, but in the big picture at some point somebody needs to step in with regards to safety on these stages as this is hardly a one-off in K-pop and reminds me of the years of issues with unsafe conditions.


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