AOA’s Yuna revealed to have been writing/composing under the name E.NA, FNCE confirms

AOA‘s Yuna has been revealed to have been writing and composing songs in secret under the name E.NA.

Before this, there were many speculations in online communities that E.NA and Yuna were the same person. This was because Yuna and E.NA had the same trustee code registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association. The trustee code is registered to one person, though they might work under multiple names. Under this code, Yuna has five songs registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association. Of these songs, she directly participated in writing and producing two of them. This includes the OST “Becoming the Wind,” sung by Ha Hyun Sang for the tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which she co-produced and co-wrote with AthenA. She also worked with AthenA for Juniel’s OST “That Star” for the tvN drama “Catch the Ghost.”

FNC Entertainment confirmed the speculation, and Yuna gave a comment as well.

FNC Entertainment confirmed that Yuna was indeed working under the name E.NA as a lyricist and composer. Through her agency, Yuna said, “I wanted people to listen to my works without prejudice, so I decided to use a pseudonym. I naturally became interested in writing music after I realized how happy singing made me. I had a relationship with the songwriter AthenA through their work on AOA’s music, so we started working together.” Yuna was also revealed to have provided backing vocals for other girl group songs, such as ITZY’s “DALLA DALLA” and TWICE’s “Heart Shaker.” Yuna said, “I work with songwriter AthenA and producers GALACTIKA, and they suggested that I participate in the chorus. I had fun working on it and it was a good experience.”

Pretty cool and kinda makes you wonder how many other idols (especially veterans you may not expect) are doing the same for similar reasons.

Though it was a bit worrying that FNCE didn’t know about this.

You fools.


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