Songs You May Have Missed: December Edition


Just kidding, it’s still me, your local curator goblin, rejecting all attempts at personal development to bring you all another playlist of songs you probably didn’t listen to this month. Remember: you’re not a hipster if you genuinely do get to something first.


OOHYO – “Butter Chicken”

There’s something very … Pink Floyd-y about the intro to this song? At least, it makes me think of “Comfortably Numb.” That ethereal eerie-ness alongside OOHYO’s haunting vocals are perfect on this song.

Primary Featuring Meego & HAON – “Slow Down”

Considering Primary is well known for his beats, it’s odd that the one for this song fades into the background a bit. Either way, this song is pleasant and pretty, with a solid verse from High School Rapper winner HAON.

yourbeagle Featuring Hash Swan – “Lonely Night”

I’m not trying to have a Hash Swan song on every single playlist I do, but I’m not really complaining that it keeps happening. Plus, yourbeagle’s vocals really remind me of AOA‘s Jimin in a good way.

Baek Yerin – “Bunny”

I don’t usually put live performances on these playlists, but I just need everyone to understand two things: Baek Yerin has both a truly beautiful voice and an unshakeable pitch.

YUMMDA Featuring Simon Dominic – “Amanda”

In this house we love and respect Simon D, and his verse really elevates this fun little song.

Bumkey & Welove Featuring pH-1 – “Holyhood”

Yes, this is another song with pH-1 on it. While I’m not a huge fan of the vocoder effect they’ve put Bumkey’s voice through on this track — he has a lovely voice and it seems a shame to cover it up with effects — I’m very much into this song. The melody is fun and has been stuck in my head for a few days now.

Stray Kids – “Sunshine”

Stray Kids are one of those groups whose tracks just consistently do absolutely nothing for me … except this song. It’s got just enough that I like it, but I have to admit it’s not made it to any of my monthly favourite track or repeat playlists. I do, however, think it’s worth a listen, especially for people who haven’t quite managed to get into this group yet.

Red Velvet – “In & Out”

I can’t lie, I really massively prefer this song to “Psycho,” which is absolutely fine but for me verges a bit too much towards absolute noise. Each to their own though, and what I particularly love about this song is the chromatic melody and RV’s gorgeous, smooth vocals.


And that’s it! As always, feel free to leave anything you think deserves to be on this playlist in the comments, or tweet to me @hels_worth.

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