GFRIEND’s “Sweety” sampled a remix of Snail’s House’s “Pixel Galaxy” by Dylan Tallchief

YouTube recently recommended me a video about GFRIEND‘s 2018 b-side “Sweety” by producer Dylan Tallchief, and by the title I assumed it was another one of those sound-alike “controversies” that fans love to blow-up. But much to my surprise, his remix of Snail’s House‘s “Pixel Galaxy was definitely sampled by the song’s producer MIO, which we know because it still had the memes he put into it.

Credit to him for being chill about it, because even if he can’t technically profit off it anyway, he at least deserves a mention for his work being sampled.

Regardless, what a random thing. Though at this point I’ve stopped being surprised at the random places K-pop producers can sometimes find their “inspiration”.


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