Actress Han Ye Seul (also a YouTuber now) had bold award show look inspired by The Witcher’s Yennefer

Actress Han Ye Seul is known for her beauty, and recently she’s been causing a stir by utilizing looks that push back against the beauty standards in Korea (much like all her tattoos). Perhaps the culmination of this was her look for the 34th Golden Disc Awards, where she caused some outcry due to her goth/emo makeup and nose ring.

Well she addressed both the thought process and the process of getting ready for that event on her YouTube channel (yes, she’s a YouTuber as well) recently.

Didn’t expect The Witcher and Yennefer to have inspired the look, but whatever works.

Think what she’s doing is pretty great, actually. And considering her reputation as one of the most beautiful actresses, quite brave in its own way.


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