It’s 2020 in K-pop and here’s Chris Brown calling Ailee a ‘cornball’

Ailee was at the Grammy Awards the other day, taking pictures of herself with her favorite American artists, presumably as a part of kicking off her American career. However, one picture in particular with Chris Brown started controversy for obvious reasons.

After she posted the picture, people pointed out their displeasure with seeing the two together and Ailee edited her caption, essentially somehow claiming that she did know about his past, to which Chris Brown saw and called her a cornball.


Not sure how anybody could reasonably believe that she never knew about his constant issues, but whatever. Ailee catching all the heat for this when a ton of K-pop idols still cover Chris Brown and whatever else would be ridiculous as well.

At least he didn’t make T-ara cry again or something and Ailee made to to The Shade Room.


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