Songs You May Have Missed: January Edition

Happy 2020! I know the year sucks already and January went on for a thousand years, but somehow it still feels like I was putting my December playlist together all of five minutes ago. But it’s that time once again, so HOLD THE FUCK ON, KIDS!

HYUKOH – ‘Silverhair Express’

I love HYUKOH. I love everything Hyukoh has ever put out because I’m that level of trash and I love Oh Hyuk’s gorgeous, soft, raspy voice. This song in particular is a lovely, meandering, melancholic track and I’ve had it on repeat since they released it last week.

Heize – ‘That’s All’

Sweet Heize <3 I have not watched this drama even for a few seconds, but I absolutely would if it means I can hear this song. Heize’s sweet voice over this sad melody honestly absolutely guts me.

Suzanne – ‘Can’t Hang’

This track is very stripped back, but in this case I think it’s the perfect way to show off Suzanne’s vocals.

Junoflo – ‘Bonez’

Although I’m aware this song is in English, Junoflo has existed within the sphere of the Korean music industry just enough that I felt okay adding Bonez to this month’s playlist. At this point, if you’re not listening to Juno you’re missing out.

Kanto – ‘Out Of The Blue’

Oh, that voice. Brand New Music boys usually don’t disappoint me, and this song had me in the first ten seconds.

Poetic Narrator – ‘Some Flowers’

I don’t have a huge amount to say about this song but it’s sweet and pretty, and it’s nice to see Juniel in a duo.

ANS – ‘Say My Name’

This group is what I always think Blackpink are like until I actually try listening to Blackpink. It’s definitely a bop and I like it a lot even though it’s close to being just noise in some places.

pH-1 (ft. Yerin Baek) – ‘Nerdy Love’

I’ll stop adding both pH-1 and Yerin Baek to my playlists when they stop releasing tracks that are Extremely My Shit. The only complaint I have about this song is that the chorus has too many words and feels a bit rushed, but that’s me being really nitpicky.


ATEEZ – ‘Precious’

I really don’t follow ATEEZ or listen to them ever but this song caught me in just the right away – and it’s the kind of overdramatic k-pop I really love, so it gets a nice spot on my playlist this month.

SF9 – ‘Lulu Lalla’

Stop sleeping on my boys SF9, okay? Okay.

…and that’s it! As always, feel free to tweet me any tracks you really love that come out this month, or leave a comment about any other releases you think need more love. Happy listening!

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