A.C.E’s company says person attempted a superglue attack on the group, have reported incident to authorities

In what immediately becomes one of the scarier incidents involving idols, Beat Interactive revealed recently that A.C.E was almost the victim of a superglue attack involving their vehicle outside of their practice room.

Hello. This is A.C.E’s agency Beat Interactive. As there are fans concerned about the incident that occurred with A.C.E last night, we will explain the current situation and the upcoming plans for action. At approximately 10 p.m. last night, there was a super glue terror incident targeted at A.C.E’s vehicle by their practice room. This incident has been found to have had the intention of causing harm to the artist and damaging property by figuring out the artist’s transportation time frame and route in advance. As soon as the situation was recognized, it was reported to the local police station. It is under thorough investigation with CCTV analysis, and strict punishment will be given without leniency. Due to the incident yesterday, the agency artist A.C.E’s members Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeong Kwan, and Chan are experiencing mental uneasiness and feeling fear of the same or similar situation occurring again. Therefore, Beat Interactive will take active measures to not compromise aspects related to the artist’s well-being and health.

They go on to talk about legal action and say schedules will have to be altered as a result of the members condition following this incident.

I haven’t seen any details about what happened, but it could be something like TVXQ’s Yunho incident where a fan tried to poison him or I’m also seeing reports that the fan tried to cause an accident. Either way, both could have potentially deadly consequences and I really hope the group is able to get past this while the perpetrator sees actual consequences.


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