Mnet rebrands as Shitty PlayStation™ to make you forget about that rigging stuff and it kinda works

People got mad at Mnet for the widespread rigging going on during their survival programs, so they decided to rebrand as … uh, Shitty Playstation™.

On February 24, Mnet revealed its “Channel Design Renewal,” showcasing its new look that is based off the network’s original logo and celebrates the channel’s 25th anniversary. The design includes the text, “Mnet of 1995 and Mnet of today meet.” It also reads, “For the 25th anniversary, a renewal as a new music network.”

Look, this is a pretty great idea. Because now every time somebody looks at the logo, all they’ll be able to think is “graphic design is my passion” and not “hey, that’s the company that got handjobs to give preferential treatment to companies who wanted their underage idols to be healthy porn”.


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Thot Leader™