AOA’s Seolhyun pisses people off by … uh, posting pictures from New York

AOA’s Seolhyun was in New York for New York Fashion Week and recently posted pictures that showed she enjoyed her time there.

Unfortunately for her, people are upset that she was posting pics of her enjoying herself while Korea is fighting off a coronavirus outbreak.

-All of the celebrity attention whores have run away to other countries. And are still updating Instagrams. They don’t care at all about what’s happening our country right now.
-Koreans are dying and you’re enjoying yourself in New York? Tsk tsk.
-Why would she share vacation photos at a time like this. She really doesn’t have a thought in her brain. Enjoy your vacation while your country is in the state that it’s in. And don’t come back.
-Courage to receive hate.
-She’s definitely lacking in many ways.

To be clear, it’s not even known that she’s still abroad at the moment, but she definitely went for an event. And yet.

This is why she’ll never be A-list… It’s understandable if she’s attending an event that was scheduled ahead of all this but at least have the decency to not be posting about it, especially when everyone’s struggling right now…

I’ve refrained on doing a bunch of netizen-related posts for years now, but good lord this struck me as especially ridiculous. They’re acting like she spread the disease, got cured, and then left or something.

When people talk about suffocating social pressure, it’s the little stuff like this that makes it seem like hell to me.


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