YEAR OF THE OX’s “Viral” music video is all too real

Korean-American rap duo YEAR OF THE OX has managed to churn out a topical music video for “Viral“, and it’s a great representation of what Asian Americans are currently facing and are about to face going forward.

Thought it hit especially hard specifically because they acknowledge their own past shitty way of thinking rather than just preaching like they were always perfect, showing that changing your thought process about racism can and should happen.

Look, obviously the Chinese government deserves to be criticized for their role in all this (and many other governments as well, for that matter), but predictably people are now seemingly just taking it out on anybody who looks Asian. Literally everyday I wake up to more and more news about Asian people being randomly attacked, and it makes another Vincent Chin happening all the more realistic.

Anyway, just thought it was cool and should be spread.


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