Dreamcatcher do special “Scream” dance video using past choreos & outfits, “Black Or White” practice, “Jazz Bar” performance

While I have some concerns about when exactly Dreamcatcher rest, I also have a deep appreciation for the constant stream of content they provide. As this come back winds down, they end with a flurry, dropping a special dance video for “Scream” that involves choreography and outfits from past title tracks.

Siyeon is “Chase Me“, JiU is “Good Night“, Yoohyeon is “You And I“, SuA is “Fly High“, Dami is “Piri“, and Gahyeon is “Deja Vu” with “What” dead in a ditch where it belongs (or Handong is meant to have that).

They also recently performed “Jazz Bar” on Simply K-Pop, which is not my favorite b-side but people seem to love it so whatever.

And they posted their dance practice for “Black Or White“, which honestly was a great decision to perform.

Like they look amazing.


Also, M2 recently posted outtakes for their “Scream” relay dance.

I’ll probably have one last roundup post for this comeback, but suffice to say they definitely made it a success.


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