Actress Jang Mi In Ae complains about Korea providing pandemic financial aid, will retire after backlash

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to celebrities around the world showing their asses, and actress Jang Mi In Ae was apparently feeling left out, so she decided to join the party.

In response to Moon Jae In‘s urgent disaster support policy aimed at providing financial aid to low/middle income families in the wake of the disruption of their ability to work, Jang Mi In Ae lashed out on social media.

“This is so annoying. Korea doesn’t have that kind of money. You gave our land away to someone else, too, didn’t you? Are you really a government that saves the citizens? What’s the worth of that 1 million won? Whenever I see the news, I go crazy with rage.”

The backlash was swift, and so she doubled down.

“Freedom of speech. #HellJoseon. I’m going to live my life while taking advantage of my human rights. This is my life. These times might be harder than IMF, but I’m going to work even harder so that I can withstand it.”

If nothing else it’s reassuring to know that it’s universal that assholes who say dumb shit and get backlash for it immediately lean on “but muh freedum of speeeeech” as if that has anything to do with people calling them out for being a dumb fuck.

In response to continued backlash, she effectively said she was gonna take her ball and go home, announcing her retirement.

“In light of the entire world going through this crisis, why are Koreans suddenly having a hard time? I didn’t understand why they’re suddenly giving citizens support from tax payers’ money, when it’s not even going to make a difference. After this, taxes will just go up, and I couldn’t keep my frustration to myself, which is why I uploaded that post. I don’t understand why Korea is doing this ahead of the general election. I’m just going to go my way. I didn’t know political remarks can be so sensitive and how much hate I could get as a result. I’m so sick of this. And to those who asked me if I donate, I do as much as I can. I’ve donated as much as I could given my finances. I feel foolish for worrying about my fellow citizens. I will no longer be active in Korea as an actress,”

Worrying about my fellow citizens by making them unable to pay rent and shit.

The policy in question is about giving out ~$800 to households in bottom 70% of the income bracket, by the way.

“The government has decided to pay emergency disaster relief money, in cooperation with local autonomous authorities,” directly to middle- and low-income families suffering difficulties from the pandemic, he said.
Under the scheme, 1 million won (US$820) would be given to a four-person household in the bottom 70-percent income bracket. It represents an earnings limit for the aid program, meaning individuals with relatively low income would get paid in accordance with the standard. Around 14 million households comprising 35 million people would be eligible for the aid worth a total of 9.1 trillion won. The government would like local governments to chip in 2 trillion won of funds for that, with the remainder financed by a second extra budget.

It effectively appears to be targeted at helping those who live paycheck-to-paycheck make up the 30% of lost wages not already covered, as well as providing relief for part-timers, independent contractors, and self-employed.

So for a rich celebrity to effectively shit on those most likely to be devastated by this event out of their control cause she’s worried about her fucking taxes in the future just blows my mind.


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