Wheesung found by police passed out in bathroom after taking anesthetic, needs help more than anything

Last April, singer Wheesung was accused (among other things) of abusing propofol by Amy, who later apologized for what she said. Late last month it was revealed Wheesung was under investigation again for propofol use, and that is still ongoing. But it actually marks the third time he’s been investigated, as he was also looked at during his military service back in 2013, and he was cleared then as well.

Now though, concerning news has emerged as police responded to a report that a man was passed out in a bathroom of a building, and that man turned out to be Wheesung. He tested negative for drugs, but did take anesthetics.

According to the police, a report was received on the evening of March 31 about a man passed out in a bathroom of a building located in Seoul’s Songpa District. Police arrived and found a plastic bag, a few syringes, and a bottle containing liquid. After confirming that the man is Wheesung, he was taken to the police station for a drug test and tested negative. Wheesung was sent back home after police concluded that he took anesthetics not classified as illegal drugs, and the investigation will continue on a later date.

There appears to be a lack of scientific consensus on the exact addictiveness of propofol, though it’s clear that people do abuse it in patterns that mimic addiction, and that could apply here despite the negative result for Wheesung this time.

The smoke in regards to Wheesung and a drug problem seems to indicate a fire somewhere, but regardless of whether Wheesung is specifically abusing propofol or not, something clearly isn’t right if he’s passed out in some random bathroom surrounded by syringes and a bottle that’s likely anesthetic. At this point, he needs help more than anything and I hope he gets it, but judging by how the justice system and general public usually react to drug news, it’s a real concern that he may not get it.


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