Jung Joon Young only gets fined for soliciting prostitution

Jung Joon Young will still serve six years in prison for gang rape, but it was recently decided that he will only get a mere million won fine for soliciting prostitution.

On April 3, it was reported that the Seoul District Courts fined Jung Joon Young for one million won (approximately $810) after he was summarily indicted for violating laws related to prostitution. Burning Sun’s Mr. Kim, who was also indicted along with Jung Joon Young, was sentenced with a fine of two million won (approximately $1,620).

An individual associated with Burning Sun was also fined double the amount at two million won. They were charged with violation of sexual crime overseas laws.

Soliciting prostitution is certainly among the most inconsequential of the accusations he’s dealing with, comparatively speaking, but I think the frustration for many upset about this is simply a representation of slaps on the wrists for men involved in sexual crimes and what it could mean for the those involved with the Telegram Nth Room scandal, which is at the front of many minds at the moment.


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