Songs You May Have Missed: March Edition

Ssssh. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of me screaming into the void. That’s the sound of you screaming into the void also. We’re all screaming into the void. The void is screaming back. Nothing gets done.

Anyway here’s this month’s playlist.


DEMIAN – “Casette”

Melancholy, soft, and lovely, this song is as good an introduction as any to DEMIAN and his sweet, breathy vocals.

OVAN – “I Need You”

I’m pointedly ignoring the ‘scandal’ around this song because it’s cute and a nice spring-time track, and OVAN has a nice voice. Plus this music video is actually really funny.

Dvwn Featuring Giriboy – “Burn The Memory”

Giriboy is everywhere, all the time. He must not sleep. This song is a gorgeous, smooth jam for Dvwn, and Giriboy is as wonderful as ever.

Kisnue – “FRIENDS”

This guy reminds me a lot of ELO, which is a good thing because I love ELO’s pretty voice and tone. A moody little song with a cute, strange little music video.

Xydo Featuring pH-1 – “BETTING”

Listen, I know. I know I always put pH-1 on these playlists. I’m powerless to do anything about it. I’m also 100% here for Xydo’s nice falsetto, but I do worry that he sounds a bit strained in places. Regardless, please enjoy this uncomplicated bop.

Boni – “good day”

Help, I’ve fallen down and can’t get up. This song is a pretty r&b-style track and Boni’s vocals are stunning.

Vincent Blue Featuring Verbal Jint – “LTNS”

Something about this song really struck me the very first time I listened to it, and I’m gonna be listening to it for a long time, so please fall in love with it as heavily as I have. My only complaint is that I kind of wish VJ’s flow was tighter, but I guess that’s not really his style.

ITZY Featuring Oliver Heldens – “TING TING TING”

I really loved ITZY’s most recent mini, but I love the house vibes of this song in particular.

MCND – “Hey You”

As much as I didn’t really care for “Ice Age,” I’m really excited for what MCND are gonna do in the future. This song is adorable and I love it a lot.

CIX – “Revival”

I don’t normally put Japanese releases on these playlists, but I have a soft spot for CIX and I think they deserve to be here.

ONEUS – “Hide And Seek”

Why isn’t this the track ONEUS are promoting? I’m not mad, I just have questions.


And that’s it for this month! As always, feel free to drop anything you want to chat about in the comments or tweet me @hels_worth. Happy listening!

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