GMOST’s leader Jin tests positive for COVID-19, has mild symptoms

Jin, the leader of boy group GMOST, has recently been revealed to have tested positive for COVID-19 and he is suffering from minor symptoms of the virus, so he will undergo treatment at home for now.

GMOST’s leader Jin had a PCR test done on the 9th of April in the hospital and tested positive for Corona Virus. His symptoms for now are mild forms of pneumonia and fever (without respiratory symptoms like coughing) and so he will be receiving home treatment under the advice of a treatment center. He had already cancelled all schedules beforehand since he was suspected of being infected. He avoided all outside contact with the world at home. Underthe medical advice of experts we will strive for medical treatment and for the early recovery of Jin and take good care of the health of the other GMOST members. The highest priority is to ensure safety for the surrounding people and fans. We are sorry to cause concern and sorry for the inconveniences for our fans, who always cheer for us.

GMOST debuted back in 2019 and has activities primarily in Japan but they also have Korean releases as well.

With how widespread this is becoming, I guess it was only a matter of time before actual artists started getting COVID-19, so one can only hope that they don’t become a cluster of their own at any point.


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