Hyosung & Yubin to unite for project group, unite 2 of the Five Girls at least

In rather shocking news, it was revealed that former Wonder Girls member Yubin and former SECRET member Hyosung would be teaming up and debuting as a duo that’s deemed a project group.

News1 reported on April 13 that the two idols will be releasing a song together. The news outlet shared they recently finalized the discussion for the duet song and started to prepare for recording. Jun Hyosung’s agency confirmed the report on the same day, saying, “Jun Hyosung will form a project group with Yubin. Since it is still in its early stages, no details have been set, including when the new song will be released.”

Other than the two of them obviously carrying name value to any second generation girl group fan, they also effectively unite two of the ill-fated Five Girls group under Good Entertainment that also would’ve had After School‘s UEE, SPICA‘s Yang Jiwon, and G.NA. Shit, what are the other three even doing right now? They can’t be that busy. Just do the whole group. Regardless, this pairing is a consolation and let’s us dream a bit anyway. Should be fun.


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