Aancod’s “Getting Good” provides the soundtrack for cruising along into summer

Getting Good” is just a perfect way to transition into a carefree summer where we can pretend that COVID-19 doesn’t exist. It’s a song off the OST of Eccentric Chef Moon and by a singer named Aancod.

I ended up looking into the artist because I thought it was weird that he had such fluent English for a Korean drama, and it turns out this guy was a relatively famous busker in Korea and is currently on a variety show called Love Of 7.7 Billion. Crazy how life turns out sometimes.

Listening to this seriously makes me want to cruise down a highway by the beach on a sunny day or something. Light, fun, and catchy, it’s just a mood lifter that contrasts hard with the mood around the world at the moment.

As an aside, I’m always on the fence about what to do with this kind of stuff, as it sorta splits the middle between Deep Reviews (too many thoughts on it) and a Review (not that inspired by it and/or am feeling lazy), so here we are.


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