Jiyeon answering the phone on “IU’s Homebody Signal” is the best, reminds me of Eunji & Seo Ha Joon

During this time of social distancing, IU has started up a radio show of sorts … except on YouTube, called “IU’s Homebody Signal” in English. There’s only two episodes so far, but it was that second episode that caught my attention after she called her long-time friend, Jiyeon of T-ara.

  1. I like these interactions because they seem like a rare chance to get a brief backstage look at their personalities, when normally we are only constantly given the front. Granted, if Jiyeon answered with like, “What the FUCK you want?!” it would be cut, but still.
  2. That is how a friend answers a random phone call. With a tone that questions, “Why the fuck aren’t you just texting?”
  3. Jiyeon immediately provides us with information that IU normally sounds like she does on her end of the call by questioning why IU sounds so unusually cheery.
  4. Jiyeon sounds bored as shit and as if she’s about to die of it. Relatable.

Everything about it is great.

It also reminded me of Seo Ha Joon calling A Pink‘s Eunji on Video Star, where she answers his phone call in a tone like, “Bitch, I’m in Taiwan and you’re fucking up my phone plan, what do you want?!” Then he tells her he’s on a show and she changes immediately to her idol voice. It’s amazing.

I love them all.


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