[Review] Oh My Girl saddled with a mash of trop & trap on “Nonstop”

In a perfect world, Oh My Girl would have had a big, “Remember Me“-style comeback track waiting to be released just after their successful run on last year’s Queendom. Maybe their agency didn’t expect them to do as well as they did, but waiting nearly six months to capitalize on their boosted profile seems like a big mistake. Even more frustratingly, WM Entertainment has now saddled them with “Nonstop“, a generic tropical track that does little to embrace their strengths.

We’ve come to the point where “tropical” almost feels nostalgic, so I’m not too frustrated with the opening synth riff. After all, the girls themselves successfully tackled this sound on last summer’s underrated b-side “Tropical Love.” And, “Nonstop” is a serviceable single improved by the group’s effortless charisma. However, it lacks any real identity or purpose beyond recycling elements that have worked for different acts in the past.

Of all of Oh My Girl’s title tracks, “Nonstop” feels the most rap-heavy. I’ve always thought that Mimi was underutilized in their music, so it’s nice to hear more of her. But, this hip-hop focus steers the track in some frustrating directions. “Nonstop” succumbs to K-pop’s second-verse curse, with an extended, trap-influenced segment that kills what little momentum has generated up to that point. I’m also not a fan of the “nonstop, nonstop” refrain that ends each chorus, especially when it’s underlined by trap beats. Melodically, the song is a case of style over substance, hinging on a simple, repeated hook that’s catchy but ultimately lazy. The pre-chorus hints more strongly at the Oh My Girl sound I love, with a richer arrangement that draws on the group’s solid vocals. “Nonstop” builds towards a decent climax, as the track’s various elements are layered together to create a satisfying tapestry that should have been built upon further. Sadly, the rest of the song is too uneven for this comeback to stand out in any meaningful way.


IATFB says: I’ve had a soft spot for OMG since “Closer” and I’m also a fan of a bunch of their members individually, so I’m thrilled they finally got #1 on Melon hours ago. That said, this was not the song that deserved that honor, as it mashed up one old trend I enjoyed and one ongoing trend I do not in a very odd way that didn’t sonically work for me at all. Thankfully, deserves got nothing to do with charts.

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