EL Rune’s “ABC” samples Chrono Trigger’s “Mystery Of The Forest” and made my day

A few days ago I was doing my usual listening of way too much Korean music and I stumbled upon an EL Rune track called “ABC“. Now I could tell immediately that EL Rune doesn’t make music to my tastes, and 99% of the time I hate myself for not being able to just skip the album, but every once in a while you find noteworthy things like a sample of 1995 video game Chrono Trigger.

Yeah, I threw this up on Twitter back when I found it, and indeed it samples the OST of the legendary video game, specifically it seems to speed up the track “Mystery Of The Forest“.


Immediately I was amused and didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. Does it make slogging through this shit worth it? Absolutely fucking not, but these kinds of things do make me happy as shit.

Here’s the entire soundtrack by the way, if you want to cleanse you ears with amazingness.



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