[Hot Debut Stage] Daughter of EXO’s Chen | Gangnam Hospital 200429

Back in January, EXO‘s Chen announced his marriage and the pregnancy of his wife, which was met with excitement internationally but was decidedly more mixed in Korea. Thankfully, Chen’s wife gave birth today to a healthy baby girl.

On April 29, news outlet Financial News reported that Chen’s wife gave birth to a baby girl this day at a hospital in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Gangnam District. A source from SM Entertainment confirmed the news, saying, “It is true that their daughter was born today.”

It’s honestly hilarious to me that an idol’s happy personal life in this regard is always what sends certain fans over the edge.

Like the other shitty things? They can excuse that, but growing up and being happy like a normal adult? No no no.

I did it!

Seriously though, congrats to Chen and I hope the psycho fans don’t try to ruin his life.


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