Fanatics’ “All You Are” has JOHNEAST featured & producing and it’s … well, something

Fanatics recently made a comeback with “V.A.V.I. Girl” (review from TheBiasList here), and they had a bit of attention rolling into it from certain circles thanks to the acrobatics of a member (about halfway through) and Stan Twitter legend @kyungrismaid.

Good god. Would gleefully watch some boy group break themselves trying to comically imitate that. They deserve promo for it alone, so go watch their music video.

But what this is really about is my desire to call attention to an album track of theirs in “All You Are“, which features the producer JOHNEAST and is also notable because it is … I mean, it’s shit.

Normally I do not take the time to shit on crappy idol songs, but this hilariously shitty and doesn’t really criticize Fanatics since it’s not their fault. The rest of their album is fine, but this is the only song where JOHNEAST has sole credit for producing and it’s such an impressively grotesque drop that I have to question what the fuck is happening.

It’s like the worst beat of all time except actually that bad.

Is this some kind of grift or is this dude actually a producer?

I dunno anymore.


Thanks to the person who tipped me off to this monstrosity … sorta.


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