Dreamcatcher, IN2IT, AleXa try to save your damn life with “Be The Future” for the Millenasia Project

Dreamcatcher, IN2IT, and AleXa have somewhat confusingly teamed up with something called the Millenasia Project for “Be The Future” and it’s COVID-19 related so they’re trying to save your life and shit, man.

“Be The Future” is an upbeat K-pop release that speaks to the importance of education and safety during COVID-19, produced by fandom culture brand Millenasia in partnership with Varkey Foundation for UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, and featuring Millenasia Project, a project group comprising of AleXa, Dreamcatcher and IN2IT.

Did I do minimal research for this and am only throwing it up cause it involves Dreamcatcher? Absolutely.

It’s cute, though. Never gonna see Dreamcatcher in MINX-esque colors again. And the lyrics are fun, lol.

Speaking of which, as some grumpy indie fucker and a bald-headed asshole reminded me, Annie Ko from Love X Stereo was involved with the songwriting, so there’s another reason to support.




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