Dreamcatcher’s Handong eliminated on ‘Youth With You’, at least got to show out a bit

While Handong survived last elimination on Youth With You with an impressive surge, she unfortunately could not make the latest cuts and ended things at #56.

Thankfully though, she did seem to be getting the chance to show off her skills as the show went on.

“Ambush On All Sides 2” Performance

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” Cover


She also recently left a message on Twitter for Dreamcatcher fans.

Handong was actually quite popular on the show internationally (Dreamcatcher fans, basically), but the scale of this show compared to something like, say, MIXNINE was always gonna be too great for fans of the group to make a significant dent. At least that reality got people to shut up about the fandom secretly hating Handong or something despite being like 14 people total, but I digress.

Hopefully she stays safe, gets up to speed with Dreamcatcher, brings any new fans over, and maybe even expands her role going forward.


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