WINNER’s MINO visited guest house, not a club as reported + questions about celeb responsibility

WINNER‘s MINO has been in hot water recently for reportedly doing an impromptu club performance. While not connected to the Itaewon mess, it still drew criticism because it’s took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in the age of social distancing.

Now though it has been clarified by further reports that MINO was not at a club, but simply at a guest house gathering of sorts.

Stans are going around saying he’s innocent now (whatever that would even mean in this case), but while the initial reporting was definitely embellished, what this mainly does is change the optics. It’s certainly better for him to not look like he was selfishly going nuts in a club and was instead just at a private affair with friends, but the larger point of not getting together with like 30 people during a time like this does stand. Still don’t think he deserves to be dragged through the mud for it, but it’s just something that probably shouldn’t be done at the moment.

Regardless, I think the bigger point brought up by this and other rumors going around is exactly how responsible idols should be for these actions, especially since everything in Korea has been open and nobody was doing anything illegal. That also appears to be the most asked question by fans in regards to these stories, and I think that’s fair.

In a sense, idols are being scapegoated for doing things that, by the accounts of reporting in Korea at the moment, is not any different from what many others are as well (especially their age). After all, they aren’t getting caught at these places alone. That’s why I don’t think severe blow back is warranted, an apology for setting a bad example or whatever is enough, and that wanting to avoid a significant witch-hunt over these actions is valid. That said, I also think any individual doing non-essential activities like partying with groups deserves some critique, as everybody is making sacrifices until a solution is found and celebrities aren’t above other citizens either. So it’s understandable that the public would be pissed about having the nation’s progress with COVID-19 potentially pushed back due to what are essentially parties.


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