Songs You May Have Missed: April 2020

Hello! It’s that time again, and as your friendly nugu goblin, I’m here with another playlist of tracks you may have missed. This one is also kind of special for me, because it’s the one-year anniversary of me putting these together. So, as always — enjoy, have fun, and happy listening.


Junoflo – “Swisha”

Ah, this track is a nice and chill approach for Junoflo. I am admittedly at my biggest Junoflo-fan self when he’s rapid and vaguely angry, but this one made it into my rotation last month all the same because Junoflo hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Code Kunst Featuring DeVita & Colde – “Let U In”

Another one for the soft and chill section of this month’s playlist. DeVita’s vocals are so soft and lovely, and I’m trash for Colde, so this one didn’t even bear thinking too hard about before falling for.

Hawoong – “Umm…I’m Okay”

Okay, okay, so maybe the falsetto Hawoong is doing kind of grates me when he’s on his third “okay,” but this is sweet and shows a ton of promise, so I’ll keep my eye out for more of him from now on.

Zelo – “She And Malibu”

Okay, so this song is kind of abrasive, and I’m not sure if I like it so much as the beat just kind of wormed its way into my head. The verses are much better than the chorus, but … it’s there. I support Zelo.

ONEWE Featuring Hwasa – “Q”

Anyway, stan ONEWE.

(No, really, they’re so good and they fully deserve it.)

Meenoi – “Something In My”

I love a dreamy soundscape, don’t know if anyone has noticed yet, and this track reminds me a lot of Casker in the absolute best way.

Stella Jang – “Bourgeois Emotion”

This song is an absolute delight. This whole album, actually, is wonderful, and I really just need everyone to listen to it and yell about Stella Jang from now until she next releases something because she deserves it.

DONO & Jade Key – “Somber”

Plot twist: I’m a huge EDM fan and I absolutely love this for the melodrama.

Shin Youme – “Lips To Lips”

God, those violin swells. This song is so lovely, and kind of makes me feel like I’m being wrapped up in a giant blanket (so like, amazing and comforted).

Kanto Featuring Bumkey – “Favorite”

It hurt me to spell “favourite” without a “u,” but god, those smooth Bumkey vocals are so familiar and gorgeous.

Bandage – “For You From Me”

This is very Nell, but that is in no way a bad thing. It also heavily reminds me of this one Sugarcult song I loved as a teenager, so this one is going to be stuck around in my personal playlists for a few months to come.

Choi Ye Geun – “Scarecrow”

She can have my whole heart. I don’t care. Take it.

OOHYO – “Brave”

This track was a very late addition to April’s playlist, but it’s my favourite by far. If you don’t listen to OOHYO regularly, do yourself a favour and start immediately.


And that’s it! As always, thank you for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy the tracks I’ve picked out this month. Feel free to leave a comment about anything you think I missed, and happy listening.

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