[Review] TXT get a bit serious, a bit rock with quality “Can’t You See Me?” comeback

TXT have burst onto the scene to significant popularity with the advantage of being the younger brother group of BTS. However, they have failed to capture my incredibly important, certified star-making musical taste thus far in their young career.

But not only is that meaningless because this site is, but also awkward beginnings for groups from big companies aren’t that big of a deal and they have time to flesh out their sound that nugus don’t. Fortunately, on “Can’t You See Me?“, I think TXT have done just that.

“Can’t You See Me” grabbed my attention from that start when it transitions from a crunchy guitar tease into a bouncy beat with breathy vocals for the verses. Everything has an outstanding rhythm to it and things just seem to flow, making it a rare K-pop effort where the verses jump at you immediately. I also enjoyed the light, falsetto vocals that gave things a bit of a lift instead of dampening things into darkness entirely.

Note: I’ve also seen people arguing about their technical vocals or whatever, and I’m here to tell you that I don’t give a shit.

The chorus isn’t the exuberant burst that one usually gets with a K-pop track, but it reintroduces the guitar hits that adds a bit of edge and volume to the affair. The “Can’t you see me?” repetition is memorable, and even the occasional reliance on vocal effects doesn’t bother me as much as it usually does.

That said, it could’ve exploded into something truly special if it had another gear to it. Slowing things down and removing elements in the bridge and elsewhere was counter productive as the song already coasts at a nonchalant pace. They needed the bridge to amp up the guitar influence and launch into a statement conclusion, but the producer seemed hesitant to throw caution into the wind, and the song’s best moments were at the beginning because of it.

“Can’t You See Me” isn’t something that vaults TXT to the forefront of boy groups just yet, but it’s their first single that I genuinely enjoy listening to, and more importantly, it hints at potential that can live up to the hype and I hope they use this comeback as a springboard to bigger and better.


TheBiasList felt similar about the verses but thought the chorus was a bore, knocking it down a notch from where I have it.


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