Dreamcatcher sing “R.o.S.E Blue” for the OST of mobile game Girl Cafe Gun

After being teased for a while now, Dreamcatcher’s “Rose Blue” collab with mobile game Girl Cafe Gun has been released.

Dreamcatcher love trying to kill each other in lore.

The music video is certainly a visual treat, though with the song is quite easy to tell it’s for an OST. Hell, the opening reminds me heavily of something from the Chrono Trigger OST. I’m not complaining that much considering expectations and what not, but it’s also easy to tell it’s not the usual LEEZ and Ollounder fair, as the peaks aren’t as hard or dynamic yet it’s magnitudes busier. It’s perfectly fine, it’s just not that close to their usual quality.

And as I recently got cancelled for on Twitter, if they have to do these kinds of mobile game gacha collabs to fund comebacks and what not, then so be it.

Also, am I the only one who gets thrown way off by the ordering of “Girl”, “Cafe”, and “Gun”? It seems like almost any other combo would make more sense.


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