Ex-AOA Mina hospitalized after disturbing post, Woori Actors say life not in danger

Following an update revealing that former AOA member Mina attempted to take her own life again and talking about her relationship with former members, things took a turn for the worst.

Along with a photo of her cut wrist, she called out Jimin, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment founder Han Sung Ho in what seemed like a goodbye letter.

I don’t want to go with a sense of injustice. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho [founder of FNC Entertainment], Kim Seolhyun, live well. My mom, sister, and family won’t be able to say anything and will cry without having done anything wrong. Compensate them for their psychological damage. Do it lavishly. After all, you don’t care about anything but money. You didn’t even pay me properly. Under my contract, I was an illegal trainee for eight years. I never got a breakdown of my debt of 3 billion won (about $2.5 million), irresponsible people who never took my calls until the very end. You have no idea what kind of treatment I lived with for 11 years, but when I called you bystanders, you said whatever. Know this clearly. Those people are unspeakable trash. They cornered a healthy person until she died. Do you know that? I want to go to a happy place. It’s too hard here. If I die, don’t come to my funeral and sully the place with your dirty feet. I’m going to die and haunt you all. I can’t live while supporting evil.

Woori Actors updated by saying that she’s hospitalized and that everything is fine when it’s clearly not.

Shortly after the post, a source from the agency stated, “After we saw Kwon Mina’s social media post, we first contacted the police and emergency services. The ambulance is at her house right now and they are opening the door as we speak. The agency staff are also on the way to her house. We don’t know anything about her exact condition right now.” In the latest update, the agency stated to TV Daily, “Kwon Mina is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Her life is not in danger at the moment. There is no need to worry.”

The only thing that’s clear from this is that everything is not alright, despite the company’s best efforts, and that Mina desperately needs help. This is trending sharply in the direction nobody wants and I’m not sure of the solution but they have to act like somebody’s life is at stake here and stop trying to just do PR shit.


If you’re having suicidal thoughts, please reach out to one of the numbers on this list and talk to somebody.


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